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Male Reproductive System
Hymenoptera. Vespina. Vespida. Bees, ants, sawflies, horntails and other wasps. Male reproductive system. Male genitalia of Hymenoptera. Symphyta. Phylogenetic systematics of Hymenoptera. Phylogenetic systematics of Symphyta. Xyeloidea, Tenthredinoidea, Pamphilioidea, Cephoidea, Siricoidea, Xiphydrioidea, Orussoidea. Xyelidae, Blasticotomidae, Tenthredinidae, Diprionidae, Cimbicidae, Argidae, Pergidae, Pamphiliidae, Megalodontesidae, Megalodontidae, Cephidae, Siricidae, Anaxyelidae, Xiphydriidae, Orussidae.


I would like to thank the following people. Each of them contributed to my work, giving me specimens, assistance, information, advice, unpublished DNA sequences, preprints, technical support, or financial support, or by reviewing or editing my manuscripts.

Alexandr Rasnitsyn
Andreas Taeger
Andy Boring
Arnold Kluge (Cladistics)
Bodo Falke
Brian Fisher
Dave Wahl
David R. Smith
Donald Quicke
Eberhard Völlger
Ewald Altenhofer
Gary Gibson
Geir E. E. Söli (Zoologica Scripta)
Henri Goulet
James D. Keating
James M. Carpenter
Jean-Luc Boevé
Joe Felsenstein
John Allen (BJLS)
John LaSalle
Kelly DeMeo
Lars Vilhelmsen
Malte Jänicke
Manfred Niehuis
Mark Dowton
Martin Hauser
Masatsugu Hatakeyama
Melanie Orros (BJLS)
Mike Sharkey
Mike Steel
Niels Peder Kristensen
Oliver Niehuis
Paul Hanson
Rainer Willmann
Rolf Beutel
Rolf Schulmeister
Stefan Schmidt
Stephan Blank
Stephan Leu
Stephan Schulmeister
Taran Grant
Thomas Hörnschemeyer
Tikahiko Naito
Tommi Nyman
Ute Schulmeister
Volker Mauss
Ward Wheeler
Wolfgang Wägele (Acta Zool., ODE)
Zhiwei Liu

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